Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yahoo! Customer Manager Updates

Yahoo! has just announced the availability of the Customer Manager. When Customer Registration was released in mid-August, you were able to offer your customers the ability to register with your store, and to enjoy a more streamlined checkout process. Customer Registration is in use today by nearly 2,000 merchants with over 100,000 registered users. Until now, you haven't been able to view your registered customer data in one place.

With Customer Manager, you now have unique visibility into your registered customer data. With quick access to order history, average order value, total order value, last login date and more, Customer Manager brings new marketing segmentation capability to your business.

To view the Customer Manager, log into your store and you'll see the "Customer Manager" link directly under the "Orders" link in the "Process" column.

Read the help file here: Yahoo! Customer Manager



At 1:53 PM, Anonymous SewDragonDesigns said...

Two Questions:

1) How do you add sign in and register links to your website if it is one you have created instead of using Yahoo's templates?

2) How can you edit the email that the customer recieves once they register??

At 8:40 AM, Blogger Michael Roebuck said...

In your store manager, Under the "Orders" column is a link labeled, "Customer Manager." There is where you'll find information on customer accounts. However, you can only use the feature if you are a Yahoo Store. Yahoo Hosting only accounts don't have this feature.

To modify the email customers receive, In the store manager, Under the "Order Settings" column is a link labeled, "Shipment & Order Status." This is where you modify the auto generated emails.


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