Friday, September 14, 2012

Cross Pen Disappointment

I use a pen fairly frequently. In fact, I use a black pen, red pen and even a red pencil on a pretty regular basis. Several years ago I found a Cross Pen that had all three functions. It was a very slim pen that had all three functions and was nice to write with. I love it. I no longer have to have 3 different pens sitting around on my desk. My oldest son had the same problem so I bought him the same pen two years ago. As far as I know, he still uses his.

If you are a parent, you know about the ridiculous school supply list for kids. My 12 year old son needed 10 black pens, 10 red pens and 12 pencils. Apparently his teacher plans on having him write a whole lot. (If you saw his handwriting, you'd agree that he needs the practice! But that's another post) Needless to saw, I refused to buy so many pens. The school also requires a very expensive calculator. I figure if he can be trusted with an expensive calculator, he can be trusted with 1 pen. I hated carrying so many pens and he complained as well. Cross Tech3 Multifunction Pen to the rescue!!

I ordered both him and my daughter each one of the Cross Tech3 pens. Being the great dad I am, I ordered them direct from Cross and had them engraved. I should have bought them from Staples and saved a whole lot of coin! But sometimes you go overboard when it comes to your kids.

My daughters pink pen arrived and it was very nice. Nice and smooth and very solid. I hope she loves it. My sons pen arrived and the mechanism only turned one way and felt very flimsy. Not very solid and I certainly did not see the value compared to what I spent on it.

I immediately called the Cross Pen company customer service to see if I could exchange it and was greeted by a woman who firmly told me the pens were only supposed to rotate one way. I replied that 2 other pens rotated both ways and felt very solid. Her reply was they must have been older pens because the new ones only rotate one way.  (I guess my daughter got a new old pen. That's ok because the new pens suck.) I asked if I could return it for an old mechanism and was immediately told no. She then said that was how the new mechanism works and if I didn't like the pens, I can return them with the return label that was included in my box.

Apparently, I'm not the only unhappy customer because Cross included a return postage paid label in my package. The sad thing is, I could have been a happy customer if she would have kept her mouth shut.

Moral of the story: Cross Pens are no longer great pens. They must be buying cheap mechanisms.

Now I get to decide if I give my son a crappy pen and hope it works for him or should I return it. Why should I need to argue with the Cross Pen Company about expensive sub standard products?



At 1:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i had similar experience via email, whereby they refused to handle outside USA matters.... (reply from international Dept). guess they don't want to deal with anything...


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